To me, life isn't photos and photographing isn't life. However, I enjoy go hunting with my camera. For more than 30 years this has been part of my life.

I don't photograph with the purpose of producing art. As a biologist I simply use photos as documentation, as a means of supporting a not always reliable memory.

On rare occasions I may find pleasure in composing a picture just for the beauty of it - an indication that the brain actually consists of two halves (and that they are not totally empty).

Often people put much effort in photgraphing rare events. Well, I would myself be happy to pull the trigger if facing Yeti or the Tasmanian Wolf - to bring the proof of their existemce. However, the beauty of nature - the grandeur of life itself - might just as well be found right under your nose: Seeing a dragonfly emerging from your garden pond, observing a honeybee collecting nectar or pollen, watching a pair of birds bringing food for their youngsters every five minutes restlessly from early morning throughout the day.....

This is the kind of life I like to show in my photos.

I hope you will enjoy seeing my pictures. Should you have an interest in using some of them for professional purposes I would be happy to receíve an enquiry.

Brande, August 2009

Kristian Borum