Slideshows - Dragonfly (Aeschna cyanea)

A big pleasure for me every summer is to watch the beautiful dragonflies emerging from my garden pond.

Typically, they emerge an early summer morning in July - that is, I have seen this happen at any time between midnight and noon and as early as the beginning of June. However, the typical time is early morning in July.

The process of emerging from the larval envelope and changing to the impressive adult stage is truely astonishing. I have compiled two slideshows of this.

Slideshow 1

Slideshow 2
consists of 20 photos. They cover from shortly after the imago becomes visible through the dorsal rupture and until the wings have unfolded and almost dried and stiff. The time span is 65 minutes.
consists of 50 photos. Taken at regular intervals: 30 secs. for the first 20 photos, after that every 150 secs. The photos show a slightly shorter part of the process than slideshow 1.

Brande, July 2004

Kristian Borum